She has verbalised and given me a system to work through with doing sales.

Laura Pease- Upper Reach Winery

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I’ve really enjoyed Diana’s classes, especially some of the Personal Development stuff. I thought it was really positive and had a bigger implication that just sales.

One day we had some big groups come in which we always struggled to sell to wine to. They usually come, have a lovely time but not in the zone for buying. After 2 or 3 of the classes, I went to to the 2 different groups, did a bit of a sales pitch and worked with them. We went from nothing, to selling a lot of wine that day to those groups.

It was sensational, very concrete example of how well it works.

We use it every day. We have a small team of people at work that sell wine with me. We’ve talked a lot about Diana’s ideas, including simple ways of putting strategies in place. I think we’ve all been energised by her ideas and the process that she offers.

She has crystallised my ideas about what I think sales are. There’s no really new news, but she has verbalised and given me a system to work through with doing sales. I have done sales for quite a long time and as an owner of your own business, you’re very keen to make a sales. It’s not just a job, it’s what feeds the family.

What she has given us is a very clear process to go through, a system and given me a lot of words to use and tips.

I find Diana amazing. She’s got a lot of energy and magnetism. I’ve really enjoyed working with her. I have seen myself use her strategies and get better sales. I’ve also watched my staff use the strategies I’ve shared with them to increase sales.