How to Sell Without Being Pushy

No one, but no one, likes a pushy salesperson.

OK, so those aggressive, forceful and slimy tactics may have worked in the past, but there’s a better way of effectively converting conversations to sales.

But that doesn’t mean we simply chat our way to the checkout. Just like the pushy salesman scythed his way to the ‘win’, it’s still necessary to manage the conscious and subconscious emotions of your customer from start to finish.

Here’s how to do it without being ‘pushy’:

1. Your customer is special

One of the best ways to open someone’s mind and make them really receptive to what you have to say is to make them feel special. And no, it doesn’t have to be a slimy sales ‘trick’. It could be a genuine compliment. Whatever way you achieve it, a happy potential customer is more likely to be a happy buyer.

2. Be open

Older, more ‘pushy’ sales techniques often leave a big gap between the buyer and the seller. So your job is to give a genuine impression that you’re being honest. Are there any little ‘secrets’ about the product or service that ordinarily you would not give away? Be transparent, perhaps mentioning some aspects of your product which aren’t as good as another but explaining how it makes up for it and more. Watch how the buyer’s mind becomes much more receptive to your messages now they can trust you to be honest.

3. Don’t convince. Create desire

Think about that slimy, pushing salesperson again. What is it you don’t like? It’s the notion that they’re tricking a buyer into something. To avoid that, it’s important to actually provide a solution with 2-3 options to the buyer not only that they need but that they really desire. Look again at your product and think about the people who would absolutely love to have it. How would they describe it? Speak in a ‘results’ based language about your product. You’ve just unlocked the door to how to market it best.

4. Tell a story

Forget the usual ‘sales pitch’. Tell a story instead. You can run off a list of benefits and never get even half the attention that a good story will produce. We’re talking about setting a scene, recalling a journey or memory, or even crafting an adventure to be had.

Actually, these are just a few easy ways to create customer relationships that sell without ever needing to resort to being pushy. To learn more, get in touch with Training for Growth today.

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