Sales Training

Would you like your sales staff to have successful customer relationships? How we nurture great customer relationships?

Talk now with Diana Simich of Training for Growth on 1300 024 346 about sales training. Find out how Diana can help you drive your customer relationships towards continuous sales growth.

“Communication is to (sales) relationships,
what breathing is to life”

– Virginia Satir

Great customer relationships start with people, and thrive outwards through communication with those around us. Our lives are based on how we communicate within our own family, to relationships with our friends, colleagues, and our customers. The way we interact, and our sales techniques are crucial to both customers and a sales staff.

How do customers go about making a purchase? Do customers buy with their head or their heart?

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

– Zig Ziglar

Most likely effective sales techniques employ a bit of both. Recent studies have shown that purchasing a product or service is often a very personal and, sometimes, emotional one. Imagine how good your customer will feel after a great interaction with your sales staff? Great customer relationships start with your customer  feeling valued, and important. Help your sales staff, and sales managers show your customers that their purchase matters to your company.

Sales staff, and sales managers will learn how to employ a number of sales techniques. Training for Growth provides customised sales training that is unique to your core businesses, to help you and your sales teams reach their goals including:

  • Team development and motivation – establishing new, and nurturing existing relationships within your sales teams
  • Communication techniques
  • Scripts and role playing
  • Step by step-by-step situational practice, or conflict negotiation
  • Live customer service, sales and customer observations
  • Practical sales assessment tools
  • Customer exit surveys

At Training for Growth, we understand sales training starts with great customer relationships. We need to use sales techniques that fit each customer relationship.

We customise our sales training to fit each sales situation, from the retail sales person, to the commercial sales staff, and through to the sales manager. Learn how sales is an integrated part of customer service, and visa-versa. Our sales training identifies, and teaches sales techniques. We show how to build great customer relationships, and customer loyalty that leads to a rewarding experience for customers, sales staff, and sales managers.

Diana Simich comes with over 15 years experience in sales, marketing and advertising. Her sales record speaks for itself. She has created sales teams from scratch and increased sales revenue from $450,000 to over $5 million over a 3 year period. Contact or email Diana to find out how to grow your customer relationships.

“Our focus is to use our specialist skills and knowledge
in human communication to create solutions that
are tailor made to meet your specific and unique needs”

– Diana Simich, Training for Growth