Mentoring, Motivational Speaking, and Consulting

How do you transform a team member into a team leader? What do you do to keep your customer service staff growing after custom training?

In addition to our customised training programmes in Customer Service Training, Sales Training, Management Training, and Leadership Skills, we offer premium services for clients who have completed our programmes.

  • Mentoring new managers and staff
  • Private consulting with owners and executive teams
  • Motivational speaking at events
  • Team building tools and activities

At Training for Growth, we pride ourselves on delivering customised and industry specific training. Yet, equipping your company doesn’t end with training.

We are here to help your team thrive and develop more knowledge to meet the challenges ahead. As we guide your employees through personal growth, you will see an honest loyalty to your company. In turn, by investing in your people, they will commit to your core business. Thriving people take care off your customers, and your profit follows.

“Profit is the applause you get
for taking care of your customers
and creating a motivating environment for your people”

– Ken Blanchard

Mentoring inspires competence, commitment and a sense of belonging in a new role. Through mentoring we can help your staff understand goal setting, and resilience. Employees and managers will express new confidence, and become a true advocate of your business.

We’ll help your company develop leaders, and we will help inspire your people. Our motivational speaking is one of the most effective methods for following through on training to large groups of staff. By combining mentoring new managers, and motivating your people, we provided team building tools that anybody can follow. Whether your company is commercial, or retail, your company will stand out for excellence in customer service, employee loyalty, and healthy working interactions.

Speak to Diana Simich about how we can continue to develop your business and personnel to be the best they can be.