Leadership Skills & Management Training

How can we get the most out of our management? What are effective management and leadership skills?

Build and strengthen your management with leadership skills and training specific to your core business. Speak to Diana Simich on 1300 024 346 to discuss your goals.

“No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, it’s learned not inherited”

– Peter F. Drucker

Effective leadership skills need to be nurtured. Just like good employee training, good managers grow leadership skills through quality training. Not all management seminars, or training courses are effective, because the courseware can be too generic. How companies lead, manage and empower their staff is a key component of their success. No two companies can use the same management techniques and get the same great results.

  • Customised training and workshops
  • Scripts and situational role playing
  • Team development techniques
  • Strategy development
  • Understanding the difference between managers and leaders
  • Leadership competencies and how to employ them
  • Self awareness and understanding the impact of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the culture of your workplace

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are not only measured by what is achieved, but by how it is achieved. Management is more than human resource management; it’s effective and visionary leaders. Our goal is to work with you and to provide your managers with leadership skills that fit your core business. Together we create leadership training that steps beyond management and into leading your company. Equip your management with the drive, and performance to move your projects, staff, and customers forward.

“You manage things, you lead people. 
You have to learn to lead yourself before you can lead others”

– Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

In order to grow effectively, all companies must have a solid management foundation with the ability to lead, motivate and support their employees.  Diana Simich has over 15 years experience in sales, leadership and management training. Call Diana today to discuss your management and leadership training needs.

“Getting busy people in the workplace to press the pause button
long enough to WANT to engage
in training and get actively involved, is our expertise”