I’m able to convert more from initial meeting to full fee paying clients…

Mark Ellis – Migration Australia WA

Mark-Ellis-Migration Australia WA

I decided to come to the course because I was very analytical in the way I dealt with my clients. The area I work in is law. Quite frankly I was scaring my clients by being very analytic and I wanted to develop some skills to develop rapport, make my clients feel more at ease.

After the class I felt that in meeting with my clients I was able to discuss how I can help my client. I was able to convert more of them from initial meeting to full fee paying clients which is something I had struggled with in the past…..I was able to make that significantly better.

I’m probably feeling less stressed in meeting my clients and realised I don’t have to sell them on my knowledge.  I needed to build rapport with them and make them feel happy with me as their migration agent, helping them navigate the migration pathway.

I found Diana was very passionate about the sales process and not in your perceived 1950’s vacuum cleaner salesman, sticking the foot in the door kind of salesman. It’s more about having conversations with people and being able to use that platform as a method of selling to your client and getting your client ready to the point where they are ready to buy your product or service