Healthy conversations for success

Healthy conversations for success

Providing salespeople with knowledge of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is the key to that ‘next level’ sales skill that’ll grow your business. Training a Business owner/salesperson to become aware of the human mind enables them to sell with accuracy and make a lasting positive influence on the customer. Grow your business with healthy conversations. But how does this work?

1. Tapping into the subconscious enables your customer to obtain exactly what they want. You can find out all the information the first time.

Let’s start with the main technique that allows us to tap into the subconscious: asking good questions. This opens up a healthy, relaxed conversation. This is the first key pillar to success. Asking great questions that appeal to emotion, feeling and memory mean your customer can open up and communicate their exact needs and desires. We learn more about the customer and are able to pitch the product most suited to them. We listen to their needs.

2. Listening to the customers’ needs results in a connected sales conversation and makes your customer feel they are being heard. We are doing them a service.

People like to feel they are being heard. People also like to feel like an individual. By opening up a connected sales conversation we are able to influence the customer whilst also making sure they feel they are being looked after. By appealing to their subconscious mind: their feelings, emotions, memories we are creating a real, lasting human connection.

3. A connection creates a fertile field for growth in the future.

By tapping into the customer’s subconscious we eventually leave an impression on their unconscious mind – a lasting memory. How many times have you remembered a negative sales experience or felt like you were being pressured in a retail store? This lasting impression most likely leads us to avoid this shop in the future. On the other hand, we are much more likely to return to a store where we felt happy to be the customer. A returning customer is a loyal customer: your solid base for growth.

Sales training to generate a comfortable place to speak to your customer ultimately leads to success.

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