Pillar 5 : Build Relationships Through Trust, Build Sales

In the final week, we focus on the most important aspect of the course; building a relationship with your prospect based on trust and support.

  • Present a pleasant, outstanding personality
  • Elevate your relationship by positioning yourself as a friend and then as a problem-solver
  • Discover the top elements of relationship building and how to not sell a product but sell a relationship.
  • Build customer connection to ensure repeat sales of high volume.

The workshop consists of one-hour role play exercise  on solution presentation and objections, followed by discussion and feedback. One-hour presentation on how to be a friend not a seller. A final evaluation of the entire course and a personal assessment of what you’ve learnt. You will be able to pinpoint your and your classmates’ improvement and confidence in how to handle your next sales conversation.

What You Get:Learn to be in a place of service, have a likeable personality and build trust by positioning yourself as a friend and decision facilitator.