Pillar 3: Personalise the solution

After learning to use verbal and nonverbal language and identify your prospect’s one true desire though a needs assessment, you will learn the art of making your prospect a made-to- measure proposition they cannot refuse.

  • Focus on the real reasons leading a prospect toward a sale.
  • Learn to lead your conversation to create a persuasive, personalized solution
  • Make prospect aware that to fulfill their need, they must do it through your solution.
  • Learn confirmation questions you can ask to ensure your customer is ready for the next step in the buying cycle.

The workshop consists of an evaluation of previous workshops, a  30-minute role play exercise and a 15-minute exercise on learning styles and how to discover your prospect’s preferred learning style. Finally, a 1-hour presentation on how to present your solution and what sale closes to use.

At-home exercise: to cement the day’s learnings.

Learning takeaways: A four-step system on presenting a tailored solution that meets their true needs.