Pillar 2 : Creating Value Motivating a Purchase

In this Pillar 2  workshops you will learn how to improve your verbal and non-verbal skills and utilize them to create intimacy and openness toward a sale.

  • Learn the consumer’s buying behavior
  • The six times ideal for asking questions & what questions to ask to get to their true needs
  • Learn to use your self image and attitude to positively predispose prospects
  • Learn to listen attentively and read through what they’re saying, to identify their needs, desires, fears and objections.
  • Learn the 3 learning styles you communicate through and how to use them to maximize your chances for a sale.
  • Learn to do a needs assessment; understand a prospect’s current needs and pains, and urge them to reveal their ideal future self. Learn to present your solution as the vehicle to getting to that ideal future self.
  • Learn how to create urgency to positively affect their buying decision.

This Pillar is 2 workshops and each consists of an one-hour analysis of the five keys on how to create value for a prospect or customer, and a 60-minute role play exercise where you practice building rapport not by focusing on your product/service but on asking questions and identifying your prospects’ true needs. The workshops wraps up with a half hour discussion of the exercise.

At-home exercise: Learn to ask the right questions and maintain a positive, friendly attitude throughout a conversation.

What you get: Understand how to put you and the listener in a no-pressure, nurturing environment