Pillar 1 : Set Your Confident Self Free

Increase your personal leadership, and improve your non-verbal language’s impact

  • Learn the importance of assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Understand the impact of non-verbal language on your prospects
  • Become aware of your self-sabotaging thinking
  • Re-program your thoughts and language to a can-do frequency to improve your attitude during conversations
  • Master your emotions so they’re stable and positive throughout a conversation.
  • 5 Steps to Create an Assertive Mindset

The workshop involves a 60-minute presentation and a 40-minute exercise that helps you understand the impact of non-verbal language, emotional state and confidence in a selling context.

At-home exercise: A passions and energy drains evaluation and exercise for improving non-verbal language through pleasantness inducing acts.

What you get: Understand how to put you and the listener in a no-pressure, nurturing environment