Converting Conversations To Sales

A course on creating trust and rapport to make your prospects sale-ready

Sales   Reasons to sign up for the class…

> If you want a less aggressive, more humane way to approach your prospects and close a sale;
> If you want practical knowledge you can use in casual conversations with prospective clients;
> If you want to win your customers through your personality and interpersonal skills, then this is for you.


This course makes you a decision-making facilitator and not a salesperson.
This course presents you as genuinely interested in your prospective clients needs through active listening.


What You Will Learn

Pillar 1:  Unleashing the Confident You
What you get: Learn to be in favour and compel your potential client or customer to act.
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Pillar 2: Create the Value in Motivating a Purchase
What you get: Understand how to put you and the listener in a no-pressure, nurturing environment.
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Pillar 3: Personalise the solution
What you get: A four-step system on presenting a tailored solution that meets their true needs.
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Pillar 4: Turn Objections Into An Opportunity
What you get: Turn objections into opportunities and prime them for the close.
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Pillar 5: Build Relationships Through Trust, Build Sales
What You Get: Learn to be in a place of service, have a likeable personality and build trust by positioning yourself as a friend and decision facilitator.
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All attendees get a free two-hour one-to-one mentoring meeting.

Who’s It For

Converting Conversations To Sales is for everyone who feels traditional sales technique don’t work for them.
It’s for professionals and business people who want practical knowledge on how to enter a conversation with a prospect in confidence and structure it in a way that nurtures trust and rapport and makes the prospect feel at ease and eager to get your solution.

Why choose Training For Growth

Training for Growth is my way of helping people become better at their business. Through a soulful, exploratory and supportive approach I help you understand how sales are not about your product or service, but about what you as a person bring to the table and what your prospect values.


“You need to build relationships before you do anything else … That’s the biggest thing I took away” Gurmayll Kahl, Health Consultant

“I’m more calm and more relaxed when I talk to people” Lorenz Frankhauser, Scenartech Consultant

I’ve been able to convert more people, more of them from initial meeting into a full paying customer which is something I’ve been struggling with in the past.” – Mark Ellis, Migration Australia WA

“Don’t have to have any sales knowledge. It’s all about people and creating relationships. When you take the time to understand people and their real needs, you are in a better position to solve their problem. It’s about them, not you!”


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