The psychology of buying in 3 basic principles

On the face of it, ‘buying’ is simple: you want something, payment changes hands and you’ve ‘bought’ it. That is the essence of business. But dig a little deeper, and ‘buying’ is a little more complex than that. For example, while ‘buying’ a bunch of bananas is simple, the plot thickens when it comes to […]

Science is catching up with the subconscious

Notwithstanding its incredible power, there is still a lot of scepticism about the subconscious mind. But science is finally starting to catch up. Less controversial is the modern marketer’s attitude to what is happening in our minds subconsciously, because when it comes to such things as converting conversations, incognito messaging proves again and again to […]

How to Influence People by Tapping into Their Subconscious

How many times in the previous months have you tried to get a sale but have been unsuccessful? To do well in sales, you need to understand the power of persuasion, and through this persuasion it is essential to tap into the subconscious mind of the person you’re having the sales conversation with. This is […]

How Emotions Affect the Sales Process

What many businesses aren’t aware of when it comes to sales is the extent to which emotions affect the decision making process. Geoffrey James, an expert in sales, reveals that buying decisions are categorised by six feelings, which are greed, altruism, fear, shame, envy and pride. How emotions affect the sales process Fear relates to […]

Understanding the Mind: the Key to Sales

  It is impossible to think about being highly effective at sales without thinking very deeply about the human mind. That is because when most people make the decision to buy something, they have often done so with emotion – with justification on the basis of logic in second place at least. Of course, this […]

4 Ways to Increase Sales Through Psychological Triggers

Understanding the psychology of human behaviour is essential to grow your sales. Robert Cialdini, a renowned professor of psychology and marketing, even goes so far as to introduce the concept of using psychological triggers to increase sales, both online or offline. Some of these psychological triggers include reciprocity, liking, authority and scarcity. Find out how […]

Non-verbal, The Key to Communication

Myth: You have to be a good talker to be good at Sales That statement is just so wrong. Many scholars have disagreed with the famous Albert Mehrabian who claimed in 1971 that only 7% of communication is verbal, but what is for sure is that non-verbal communication is absolutely fundamental – especially when it […]

Managing customer relationships with better communicaction

If you do research on customer relationship and the role that communication plays in this process, you’ll discover that there are a number of different strategies that companies use. However, while all of these techniques are of value, they may only be effective in one business. Why? All businesses are different, and so are their […]

5 Ways of Creating an Assertive Mind

5 Ways of Creating an Assertive Mind How you think and feel precedes and predicts your performance and effectiveness in everything you do. Self esteem is how you feel about yourself, it’s the emotional centre of your personality.  If you feel you’re an assertive, likeable person, you will act like one. Your self-esteem is your […]

What is the tone of your voice like on your voice mail?

Have you listened to your message on your voice mail? Is your tone friendly, open? Were you smiling when you recorded your voice message? As part of my research I was making calls to massage therapists to find out how their ads in the local paper were working for them. It was a really interesting […]