What Can Business Owners Learn from TV Interviewers


Have you ever gone into a meeting thinking you can wing it?

Could you have done it differently?

Each call or meeting is certainly a conversation, but, in order to be fully effective, it needs to be a carefully structured means of communication. To some extent, it’s also an interview, where you try to find key information and gain customer responses in order to craft skilled replies which then moves the sales conversation forward.

Thinking of the sales call in these terms, you might find it useful to watch some top TV interviewers – as well as those who might not be – and see whether you can pick up on any of their tactics.

1) 30Learning a negative lesson. If you watch a TV interview, often with a politician or business leader, about actions they have taken or are proposing, such events can often turn into confrontations or even battles. At the end, the interviewer might have ‘won’ that conflict, but probably did not gain much in the way of useful responses. This does not help to create trust.
2) The best interviewers will be fully prepared (often using others to compile research and information) and have fully mastered their brief. This allows them to ask precise and specific questions, know the key areas they wish to cover, and how the interview conversation can flow through from start to finish. Equally, should the person being interviewed move the focus, either deliberately or not, the interviewer will know how best to bring the conversation back on track.

3) Watch an interviewer who truly listens to the responses they get, and who can also measure body language to judge what might be underlying the actual words spoken. This allows them to probe further, often using the person’s actual words as a starting point. When applied to a sales call or meeting, remain in a state of service and lead the conversation.

4) The skilled interviewer is also assessing what has not been said and finds ways to dig out what they need to know. Using this range of skills, the interviewer has a better chance of conducting a successful event; it’s also worth noting that many good interviewers will enhance the perception of the other person in the audience‚Äôs eyes.
If you’re looking for new ways to communicate and engage with your target customers, then you might find some inspiration by observing successful interviewers and assessing their tactics. After all, they might just help you in you ‘converting conversations’.