I’m much more confident in talking with our current and potential customers.

David Beattie- Dash Engineering The significant change I found after the class is that I am much more confident in talking with our current customers and talking with potential customers. It’s also getting an understanding of their needs so that we can align ourselves with what they require-  by listening and using the skills Diana […]

She has verbalised and given me a system to work through with doing sales.

Laura Pease- Upper Reach Winery I’ve really enjoyed Diana’s classes, especially some of the Personal Development stuff. I thought it was really positive and had a bigger implication that just sales. One day we had some big groups come in which we always struggled to sell to wine to. They usually come, have a lovely […]

You need to build relationships with people before you do anything else.

Gurmayll Kaur- Health Coach I actually wanted to close sales, make more money, have more customers……that was the idea. So when I came to the course I was thinking, I wonder if this is going to happen? Am I going to really change things? After 6 weeks, it’s been good. Once I started the course, […]

It was finding the passion again to speak to people but not sell to them.

Natasha Beattie- Dash Engineering The thing that I was really looking for at that point in time, is unleashing the confident me. That’s what I was hoping to achieve. My strength is not sales, so I found it very difficult. When you own your own business it’s very difficult to get out there and sell […]

I noticed that I’m more calm and relaxed when talking to people

Lorenz Frankhauser I used to have enquiries online. People ring me up and ask about what is Scenar and what can it do? As soon as I was talking to them on the phone I lost them. Since I finished the course, I haven’t lost many people on the phone. I noticed in myself that […]

I’ve had two sales meetings and won both contracts after the Sales course.

Sara Dean – Olive Projects I came to Diana’s classes as I needed the confidence and technique to be able to engage with people, being able to understand what people’s needs were, and how I could offer a solution. The benefits that I got out of the course is that I felt more confident going […]

It’s all about what they want, what they’re after and explore that with them.

Kim Berresford- New Homes Consultant I think it was mainly for confirmation that I was doing the right thing and to tweak what I was already doing. The label of ‘Converting Conversations into Sales’ resonated with me. I have learnt to be present. To be present in the moment and engage with people in conversation….and […]

What I learnt from the program is that anyone can do sales.

Samantha Bowen (nee Bushell) – I came to the training because I don’t know anything about sales. What I wanted to do is set myself apart from everyone else around. Really learn what it was that I needed to do to get my business up and running and getting the profits that I want. What […]

I’m able to convert more from initial meeting to full fee paying clients…

Mark Ellis – Migration Australia WA I decided to come to the course because I was very analytical in the way I dealt with my clients. The area I work in is law. Quite frankly I was scaring my clients by being very analytic and I wanted to develop some skills to develop rapport, make […]

My conversion rate has gone up dramatically.

Janelle Jeffrey – Sleepytime Consultant The problem I was facing with my business was that I was speaking to lots and lots of potential clients and I was trying to sell to them. It didn’t feel comfortable to me. I wanted to find a way in which I could sell and ask for the sale […]