How Sales can be influenced by Stories

  Is your product or service worth talking about? Do you have a good story? People want a story. The story is part of the product or service that they buy. Stories can have a profound effect on our brains. Studies show that highly engaging stories can create powerful emphatic responses by triggering the release […]

What Can Business Owners Learn from TV Interviewers

  Have you ever gone into a meeting thinking you can wing it? Could you have done it differently? Each call or meeting is certainly a conversation, but, in order to be fully effective, it needs to be a carefully structured means of communication. To some extent, it’s also an interview, where you try to […]

Learn How to Influence Customer Conversations

Learn How to Influence Customer Conversations Have you started a conversation and found yourself answering questions instead? Have you been answered the price of your product or service at the beginning of the conversation? The ability to influence people is a vital skill in the real world. It allows you to help more people or […]

How Can The Subconscious Mind Attract More Clients

Are you spending a lot of time on your marketing and having conversations with potential customers but it hasn’t ‘happened’ yet? If there is a struggle on the outside, it also means that there is a struggle going on inside and it’s based on our conditioning. Our beliefs, fears, experiences impact our conditioning and affects […]

5 Communication Tips for Your Sales Conversations!

According to a professor at the Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions take place in our subconscious minds. Building a powerful message and brand has never been more important to customer relationships. The increase in loyalty to well-known companies, like Apple, are excellent examples of how a superlative marketing strategy can keep customers engaged […]

4 Ways Sales Training is Good for Business

No matter what you’re doing – whether eating out, buying a new car or having a tooth pulled – you always notice when you come across a ‘bad’ member of staff. And what’s your likely conclusion: “They weren’t trained properly.” Not surprisingly, training is incredibly important when it comes to sales. Why’s that? Because it […]

The 4 Secrets of the Unconscious Buying Mind

So when a consumer buys something, they’ve consciously thought it through, right? Not quite. And that gives a big advantage to those who are doing the selling. That’s because so much of the process from a consumer not having something to getting it in the hand happens in the unconscious or subconscious mind. Let’s break […]

Tuning into the Unconscious Communication Clues

When you look to convert your conversations with potential customers into genuine selling opportunities, you need to be listening out for their worries, even fears, or what they hope to gain by using the product or service, plus any past experiences they might have had. In other words, you are searching for clues that will […]

How to Sell Without Being Pushy

No one, but no one, likes a pushy salesperson. OK, so those aggressive, forceful and slimy tactics may have worked in the past, but there’s a better way of effectively converting conversations to sales. But that doesn’t mean we simply chat our way to the checkout. Just like the pushy salesman scythed his way to […]

Healthy conversations for success

Healthy conversations for success Providing salespeople with knowledge of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is the key to that ‘next level’ sales skill that’ll grow your business. Training a Business owner/salesperson to become aware of the human mind enables them to sell with accuracy and make a lasting positive influence on the customer. Grow […]