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About Diana Simich of Training for Growth  Diana Simich - Training for Growth

Not Just What Is Achieved – How It Is Achieved

Diana Simich started her career as an Accountant in Perth. Early in her employment she realised the importance of easy-to-understand communication and great customer relationships with clients – something that not all accounting firms are known for.

Over the past 15 years Diana has shared her passion for Customer Service and Sales. She has created sales teams from scratch, and increased sales revenue from $450,000 to over $5 million over a 3-year period. She has trained and mentored real-people working in retail, B2B, and corporate organisations.

How do you transform a team member into a team leader?

Diana Simich of Training for Growth has personally experienced the struggle of competing in the marketplace – even in a tough economy. As a business in any economy, we need to keep up to date on the latest communication techniques in order to:

  • Build trust among customers, employees, and management
  • Expand the number of new accounts
  • Create excellent customer service experiences
  • Strengthen and grow meaningful relationships
  • Stand out from the crowd and be the leading industry competitor
  • Keep customers coming back for more

Diana has spent her career helping clients to improve their customer service, and sales practices. Her clients have included numerous small businesses through to diverse teams within Austral Bricks, Jason Windows, Pumpkin Patch, Pizza Hut, Lorna Jane, and Dymocks.

Opening One Door at a Time

Diana’s inspiration at the beginning of her accounting career motivated her to change jobs and move into a  position at the Cobra Group in Melbourne. She led a team of contractors working in the challenging role of business-to-business (B2B), door-to-door sales. – And, she was leading with people who had no sales experience.

Diana’s training was amazingly effective. Her team members were able to quickly to earn a regular income from commission-only position. In fact, she was so successful at coaching and developing confident, profitable sales reps, that competitors were offering her team members jobs on a daily basis. Diana’s team remained loyal to Cobra Group and to Diana despite frequent employment offers from competitors.

She had opened the door a powerful truth at the start of her career – by investing in your people, they will commit to your core business. This is where Diana developed the principals of her Customer Service Training programs.

Creating a Cycle of Growth, Success and Opportunity

In 2000, Diana moved from Australia to New Zealand. She took the role as the Business Development Manager for Granton Direct, a sales and promotions specialist.

Granton Direct was growing fast and opened five sales offices in three years and they grew their annual turnover from $400,000 to $5,000,000 per year. During her time at Granton Direct, Diana personally worked with companies including Pizza Hut, Village Cinemas, Video Ezy, and multiple local restaurants.

Her success at Granton Direct attracted an offer from the largest radio network in New Zealand. She transitioned into a role as an Account Manager and focused on advertising for small to medium size businesses. Diana accomplished outstanding success – one client increased turnover by 150% in 3-years, another company increase website visitors by 40%, and another client turned over $300,000 in just one weekend!

Diana tapped into these successes to build the Training for Growth’s Sales Training.

Discovering the Value of Customers During a Crisis

When the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ hit New Zealand in 2009, the economy plummeted. Radio advertising sales dwindled as companies tried to conserve their cash. The Radio Network discovered that doing sales the old way just wasn’t working as businesses slashed their ad-spend. The Radio Network had to reinvent their advertising to meet the business owners’ needs in a cash-strapped market.

Diana took the initiative to understand a business owner’s mindset. Through the Radio Network’s educational program, she immersed herself  in sales training, and business seminars. The  team rediscovered the power of trust and building relationships to attract more customers.

Her Radio Network clients saw an improvement in their overall business, and most maintained their business despite the difficult economy. Her clients moved ahead of competitors, and a few even experienced increased profits during this time. This crisis gave Diana the tools to help her  understand goal setting, and resilience.

Diana developed the Training for Growth Leadership Skills and Management Training, and Mentoring systems from these experiences.

Advanced Communication Skills for Staff and Management

Training for Growth prides itself on delivering customised, industry-specific training. Discover how you can increase your profit, and be more competitive. Contact Diana Simich to discuss your needs.

Customer Service Excellence – Customer Service Training

Training that transforms your people into advocates of your business

Advancing Communication – Sales Training

Customised sales training that builds confidence, and profits through effective communication

Working Interactions – Leadership Skills and Management Training

Leadership skills in a simplified training format that anybody can follow

Mentoring, Motivational Speaking, and Consulting

Mentoring that inspires competence, commitment and a sense of belonging in your business