How Sales can be influenced by Stories


Is your product or service worth talking about? Do you have a good story?

People want a story. The story is part of the product or service that they buy.

Stories can have a profound effect on our brains. Studies show that highly engaging stories can create powerful emphatic responses by triggering the release of ‘trust’ hormones called oxytocin. The more oxytocin produced, the more open others will be towards you and your product.

According to neuroeconomics pioneer, Paul Zak, stories that can transport the audience into the world of the storyteller have the power to change the brain chemistry of the listeners. Good stories are like a ‘movie with words’ – they are saturated with visuals, move in real time and use our senses. They help us understand key points.

Begin with a story

Who are your characters? What is their background. Are they clients? In one sentence describe the character. What was their problem before they came to see you. Describe how painful it was for them personally or in their business.

Combine logic with emotion 

Next, outline what was the solution for your client with their problem. What was the benefit to their lives or business? What physical or emotional impact did it make?

According to Seth Godin, the best stories promise to fulfil the wishes of the consumer’s worldview. They may offer:

  • a shortcut
  • a miracle
  • money
  • social success
  • safety
  • ego
  • fun
  • pleasure
  • belonging

Real stories about real customers transforms your product into something real and tangible to your customer.

Use metaphors

Stories with metaphor work on the subconscious mind. Metaphors help the brain experience a story as if we are living it ourselves. When we are hooked on a good story other parts of our brains (like emotions and feelings) are also triggered.

Keep it relevant

Stories are interesting when they are about real people with real problems that were solved by your product. It helps people feel empathy for the pain suffered and elation for the end result.

Create your story. Commit it to memory and make it personal. Then tell it to your customers and see what a difference it will make.