5 Communication Tips for Your Sales Conversations!

According to a professor at the Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions take place in our subconscious minds. Building a powerful message and brand has never been more important to customer relationships. The increase in loyalty to well-known companies, like Apple, are excellent examples of how a superlative marketing strategy can keep customers engaged and connected. They radiate character and consumers now want to associate brands with their own identity.

Equally, sales conversations offer the same level of influence.

So what key tips to communication that business owners/salespeople¬† should ensure they adopt in order to attune themselves better with today’s brand hungry customers?

1. Become a storyteller

When a product or service has a brand narrative, people are more likely to engage and relate. As a person who is leading the sales conversation, it’s your duty to be able to bring that story to life. Who are your key characters? How can you evoke emotion? What was there situation? What was the end result with the solution? If you can get customers to feel something, rather than think something, you will be far likelier to convert the sale.

2. Pay attention

Salespeople are often encouraged to talk. But it is critical that you listen to what your customer is telling you. To demonstrate that you’re paying attention, use mirroring behaviours – by reflecting their choice of words,tone and body language. By listening intently, you can form intelligent questions, which will show the customer that you are there to help fix the problem.

3. Point, evidence, explanation

Be sure to back up whatever you’re saying with specific examples. Customers favour details. So be armed with stats, customer testimonials, prototypes etc.

4. Be engaging

Look your customer in the eye. Use simple language to show you’re passionate about your product and adjust the tone in your voice to keep people interested. Just don’t go overboard! Vary your tone otherwise the customer will switch off.

5. Smile

Smiling makes us human. While this is a business conversation, we are all still humans at the end of it all. It also helps to present a sense of enjoyment and belief in the product we’re representing.

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