You need to build relationships with people before you do anything else.

Gurmayll Kaur- Health Coach


I actually wanted to close sales, make more money, have more customers……that was the idea. So when I came to the course I was thinking, I wonder if this is going to happen? Am I going to really change things?

After 6 weeks, it’s been good.

Once I started the course, making money, having more customers became very secondary. The primary aim became that I had more confidence. The course not only helped me with my business, it helped me with my relationship with my family. I started seeing things differently. When I spoke to my children and when I spoke to my husband, things were different. Also physically the way I stood up. I never focused on the way I was standing, so now I’m very cautious of how I stand and make sure I stand in a very confident manner.

After having done this course, it reminded me of the salesman who came to our house when I was 10 years old who sold Encyclopedia’s. That was exactly what sales used to be and that’s what I had in my mind. The way Diana put it, it’s totally different. Things have changed.

You need to build relationships with people before you do anything else. That’s the biggest thing I took away. When you see someone, within the first 3 seconds you need to smile, that’s where everything happens…..first 3 seconds. That’s something that I do now. Whenever I see someone, I tell myself 3 seconds…smile, and that makes a difference. It’s the little things that were put into place.

The way I experienced Diana…she is a lively, cheerful, very giving person.